Friday, September 30, 2011

There's a book series that I'd be interested in reading, tho I would never actually buy it. It should be interesting to see if there's a library that has the World of Warcraft books. Why?

I play. Actually, I raid twice a week. The raids seem to be going in a kind of lore-ish direction, so it would be nice to be able to read up on it. I understand and know the lore behind my class (I'm a druid). But sadly, I missed out on an entire expansion after I had my daughter. There's also a lot of things that happened between expansions (racial leader changes, zone changes, etc). A lot of that is actually covered in World of Warcraft: The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm by Christie Golden. It is largely recommended by people who play the game, as a good portion of the tie-in information you would know and understand from the game.

And now I want to play again oh dear. Daily quests, instance runs, playing around with my feral (cat form) spec. Whee!

But another favorite has arisen. My wonderful husband has made me Cajun Spiced Perogies. To food I go!

Monday, September 12, 2011

While this probably should have been the first post, it will now be the second. It's amazingly easy to create a blog, especially with this website. I'll probably mess around with the formatting as time goes on. I certainly do have an image to upload, now all I have to do is get my scanner working. Or course that will involve some adventures in driver searching, seeings how the CD for it went missing long ago. I was lucky in that when I created this blog, my daughter was having a nap. Creating a blog on ones own is one thing, doing so with a toddler swinging off your arm is another.

I'm not the first person I know with a blog. Amy has one, which she updates when she can, or one something particular comes to mind.

Blogs are indeed a wonderful thing. I would think that a blog associated with a library would certainly help bring in readership. It could be shared postings from all staff. They could posted new acquisitions, and provide personal reviews on books, with say a snapshot/thumbnail of the current post linked to on the main page.

Or maybe that's just a bit too much coding for your average library tech. It's certainly not hard to link to the blog, but more likely having the summary up may cause issues

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well, here it is

This blog was created for my Advanced Topics in Library Technology course. We have to create a blog, make a certain number of posts over the duration of the course. These posts of course, have to be about libraries.

Library Library Library

I kid. Since moving back to St. John's, I haven't had much of an opportunity to go to our local libraries. Not to say I didn't before, but it's been 20 years since I visited a children's library here. I practically lived at the AC Hunter library. I'm house bound now. I had a massive seizure over the summer. I still can't talk properly (I seem to have developed a lisp) and my dyslexia is getting horrendous. This whole blog is underlined in red! I lost my license, and I've succeeded in reading several of my books to pieces. I was taken off work, which is driving me batty because I'm one of those people that has to be doing something at all times. I feel weird not working.

Actually, I'd be quite happy to work in a library. It's why I'm doing these courses. It'd be a healthy environment for me, before the seizures and especially now after. Dr thinks they're stress related. So quiet working environment would be awesome.

But yes, back to the topic at hand. While living in Gander, there was very little in terms of books available. The one library was tiny tiny. Smaller than the Majorie Mews here. I never found anything for myself to read there. Or for my daughter really. I think the only thing we borrowed was a rare Winnie the Pooh VHS. I tried going to the reading time with my daughter. Didn't turn out that well. The lady in charge couldn't really control the children (I was the only parent in the room). One boy knocked over a bookshelf! While some people might think "Sure, that's fine. Gander's a small town so it doesn't matter so much". You're wrong. Gander is expanding rapidly. It has already outgrown the size of its library. I see some major problems there soon, but I doubt much will get done about.

Well then, that certainly exceeded the 2 paragraphs :P Now back to my very battered hardcover Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Yes, I read it so much the binding has snapped.